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Richard and Adella Matthew

Richard and Adella Matthew

A personal account of my life with extreme illness caused by breast implants, 1972 to 1995.

I was implanted in 1972, in Calgary, Alberta, with Dow Corning breast implants, 500 Series, 540 Sub-Series. I was explanted 21 years later in Vancouver, B.C. I was not told of possible complications. If I had known that the MAXIMUM life expectancy of implants was eight years, I would never have had them put into my body.

On explantation, my implants were checked by Dr. Pierre Blais, of Ottawa Canada, a biochemist and specialist in medical product design and failure analysis. He is a world expert on breast implants. He determined that the fill holes were never properly sealed. There was so much wear that many holes were found in both implants.

Prior to explantation, on November 2 1993, I had blood analysis done at the Immunosciences Lab., Inc., 1801 S. La Cienega Blvd., Suite 302, Los Angeles, CA, 90035. Canada does not have a lab that can do blood analysis on silicone. My expenses totaled $650.00 U.S. (the difference in the CDN dollar to the U.S. dollar was 30%, at that time) paid for by myself. The Lab took $100.00 off for me as a birthday gift.

The blood work reads like a nightmare. IgG silicone antibody reading of 100, yet the lab allows only a reading of 10, for IV tubes, antacid compounds, prescriptions, etc.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand from this blood report that I am suffering from the ill effects of silicone. Yet I was constantly told that silicone is inert, that absolutely nothing was wrong, that every weird and wonderful test had been done, and that I should do more work in my vocation selling Real Estate.

I had constant pressure in my head caused from pain that made it impossible to think properly. My brain was so full of silicone toxins that I was getting lost while driving, even in my own neighborhood six blocks from home.

I was working as a realtor, driving past houses I was showing and always late for appointments, no matter how hard I tried. It was extremely frustrating, and embarrassing for me, as I always had placed in the top of my class, even in college.

I had constant pain in my stomach, always a slow burn that never stopped. No food agreed with me. My stone-impacted gall bladder was removed in 1975. It made no difference.

Both hands became crippled with arthritis after the age of 58, not before. I could not hold the steering wheel of the car firmly enough. On turning a corner, I would be over the center line, on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

Every doctor that I consulted did not really hear me or believe me and never suggested I get the implants out. They assured me, after 2 mammograms and an ultrasound, that they were 100%, “YOU ARE ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES”. What an empty statement.

My energy fell to almost zero. I was bedridden for almost the entire day.

A friend of mine for over 40 years, who had a health centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, attended a class of Wendell Hoffmann’s. She was elated, for here was energy healing to help me overcome whatever disease I had or was coming down with. She gave me a great deal of product at her own expense. Soon, I was able to be out of bed three-quarters of the day.

I was so toxic, full of lifestyle poison and the silicone. Now, 20 years later, an open-minded doctor will confess: yes, silicone is inert in the lab petri dish but not in the human body.

I could not walk to the bathroom during the night without crashing into furniture. The walk is 12 feet long and 37 inches wide. The pain was so severe when I stood up, for at least the last seven years, and my legs retained so much water, that I would sway back and forth, bumping into furniture on the way there. Many times I even fell into the wall or back onto the bed.

My feet hurt so much, waking me up at night with pain as if I was walking on thorns. Other times, I would swear I was walking on fresh crushed gravel barefoot. My bones used to hurt so much and I had bruises on my legs that were four years old.

My husband and I had dinner in the city centre at Christmas, 1992, before ex-plantation. When I got up to go to the restroom I almost lost my balance. As I was trying to regain my balance, two waiters came to help me. I know they thought I was drunk, and I had not had anything to drink. This and other reasons soon keep silicone victims housebound. It is embarrassing to say the least.

It is now 2010, and my feet and legs still trouble me very much but there has been some improvement. Getting breast implants, to help me fit into “off-the-rack” clothing was truly not worth it, as I managed very well beforehand. I was never told the truth by any GP (general practitioner). I realize now that all doctors are in denial. The GP makes finders fees from the plastic surgeon for referrals and also makes money on the extra office visits you make. The Plastic Surgeon sees you for more implants, as they do not last more than eight years. You are on this treadmill that keeps going, and you become a victim in a trail of tears.

My sole reason and purpose for this testimony today is in the hope that I can spare other women from the pain I must endure daily because I went against nature, trusting doctors that breast implants are ‘safe’ just to look better in a dress. Getting breast implants was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. Trying to improve on my wonderful body, which was really perfect, was a horrific insult. I will suffer for the rest of my life and I can only warn women now. I have many articles on my website. Print out whatever you choose. It is all verified and the complete truth. (Small breasts are not a disease as the plastic surgeons want women to believe.)

Adella Matthew

Richard Matthew

In 1985, I lost my wife, Marguerite, after a nine-year battle with cancer, she was only 38 years old. When she had her first mastectomy she was offered a breast implant, which she declined. This proved to be a wise choice since her cancer returned on the same side. If she had had a breast implant, the cancer would have been hidden and she would have died sooner than she did. Unfortunately, when a lump appeared in the other breast, a biopsy proved that it was benign but this procedure left her breast lumpy. When cancer did appear in this breast it was masked and the cancer metastasized before it was detected.

When I married my present wife, Adella, she had had breast implants for many years. She had several health challenges but was coping well enough until she fell and broke one of her capsules. She began to deteriorate more rapidly than I knew at this time. She would collapse after supper and I would have to wake her up to go to bed. Little did I know that she was often sleeping most of the day while I was at work. She would often garble her sentences and forget things that had happened only a short time ago. She had a rash on her neck and severe pains that ran up into her head. After her explantation, she began the slow process of recovery but, with silicone still in her system, recovery is never complete.

Before Adella was explanted, I attended a meeting with her of women who had breast implants. It was soon apparent that the women shared many of the same complaints. The women had varying degrees of illness depending a lot on their age and the age and condition of their implants. Adella and several of the women wanted to form a society. Most would only participate if Adella assumed the position of president, a post she retains to this day. And so, the I.A.S. Implant Awareness Society was born.

Since our original secretary-treasurer was not keeping any books, I assumed that task and soon was filling the position of treasurer. Since I had a background in technical writing, I

was soon given the task of proofreading and editing all the correspondence of the society, much of which was posted on our portion of the website we shared with Tony Lambert in Quebec.

My participation in the society has been rewarding. We have helped many women both locally and in many parts of Canada, the US, and other parts of the world. When my wife, due to her illness, found it difficult to proceed, I would tell her to remember all the women that told her she had saved their life.

Richard Matthew

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  1. Valerie Quick says:

    Thank you for your story. I too have chronic disease from silicone and am searching for a dr. who believes that this is why we are sick and has some kind of treatment beyond anti depressants. Do you know of any dr. who is treating this disease?

    Thank you.

    Valerie Quick

  2. Adella says:

    I will be in touch with you soon.

  3. Cristina says:

    Thank you for your story.
    I cannot begin to imagine the pain you went through but I wish more women were like you, telling their stories and warning the younger generation of the risks involved.
    I wish you all the best,

  4. ashlee says:

    You ladies may be interested in Andy Cutler’s (PhD Chemistry, Princeton) book Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment which discusses how to properly heal from mercury dental amalgam poisoning. I was poisoned by my dental fillings severely, and I wonder how many of you are suffering from this toxic element on top of your silicone poisoning or mold poisoning. This book helped me recover rapidly. It’s important to eliminate your body burden of heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, yeast, and mold and this book discusses how. Just wanted to share.

  5. sarah says:

    Hi i also need help can somebody suggest a doctor to help with detox?

  6. Joan Mencl says:

    Please contact me!!!

  7. Adella says:

    Please let us know what you need

  8. Iga says:

    thanks for open-minded truth. Unfortunately, there is still little similar websites about spreading the truth about plastic surgeries. I believed for many years that me and other women need plastic sugery to enhance our beauty and got self-confidence back. Unfortunately, any plastic surgeon won’t tell you how toxic it is. Your emotional self-body image is broken and mind is constantly getting brainwashed by media barbie image. Personally, my breast is imperfect and a bit drooping but it is how I was made as original individual. Any plastic surgeon would only break it forever to create a toxic, non-human, grostesque body.

    accept your natural beauty and the whole world will love you back


  9. Nancy Lyn says:

    I was ex planted May 21,2014, silicone bilateral implants breast reconstruction 2006 breast cancer. I have been on disability due to fibromyalgia,depression,and anxiety which I now believe was either caused by or made worse by my implants. I have confirmed silicone sensativity and made the choice to explant hoping to improve my complications. I have read that it is important to save the implants and have them tested but I am not sure as to why I should do this or where to have it done. Please advise with recommendations. Thank you

  10. I am a victom of breast implants just recently redone, the new ones melted some, by chemical reaction with he metal granules on the bottom. I’ve done so many tests,at home,in the sun,which the granulomas want to surface because of the heat. In the tub I have collected these granulomas, theyget stuck in your skin if you done rinse off with cool water. They look like silver glitter in nailpolosh. This is what makes you hot in the heat. It’s the catylist used inimplant,platinum or tin. They get stuck in your joints,skinmouth,in every part of your body. They can cause pain,asked hey push onyour joints,because alot has gathered. You get stomach bloating,in which youneed to get major strong probiotics. You need major vitamins,lots of vitamin d magnesium vit. c detoxing.

  11. Looking for someone to explantationsurgery,and am trying to get this,shit new silicone out of my bodyplus all the granules.. Nor sure if it will take another summer of granules to come as I was stupid enough to redo to. Jelly bears which melted some. Right now I playing Russian Roulette with my doctor with doing spit tests. Did one at home last week, but he says that one is not good,because I could have put anything in it. That one was pure silicone.I’ve got home tests foreverything,with granules.Now I’m trying to figure out if it can make the family sick,as my dogs are sick my son gets weird stuff happening and my husband’s illness seems to generate. Worse.Does anyone know if theses silica granules get into other people/animals body?My one dogs hip was suddenly screwed up last fall,and Daisy has respitory problems and weepy granule eyes. I clean their bowls constantly and give them plus other vit. The hip seems better. It makes me really angryyou would have Tobe a sadist to see women suffer, for greed and money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jean s says:

    I have dow corning implants for 36 years and was not aware why I feel tired, recently, I was diagnosed with cancer and I was to be operated by a surgeon and a plastic surgeon, for reasons unknown to me my Surgeon decided to explant the implant without the assistance of a Plastic surgeon. So here I am with cancer 111 on nothingham scale and unable to get the proper care, In fact My Surgeon is referring me to another surgeon and feels offended that I don’t trust him to esxplant a 36 year old ruptured implant. Please help with a solution, I want to live and my surgeon is handing down a death sentence for me?

  13. Adella says:

    Thanks for adding your story to our growing number of testimonials about the dangers of implants.

  14. Adella says:

    Look at the Paleo diet on the internet and follow this diet. It will help rebuild you as it has many others. This diet is very popular in New York state. Good luck!

  15. Adella says:

    Yes, all amalgam fillings need to be replaced with composite filling. I hope many women get the book you recommend. Detoxing the body in every way possible is a wise thing to do, I hope the women will add this to their recover. As I mentioned previously, the Paleo diet is a wise one to go on. Thank you for you valuable information, it is much appreciated. Adella

  16. Adella says:

    Thank you for the compliment, my husband Richard has helped me through this when most men would abandon their wife. We’ve been married 23 years now. Adella

  17. Adella says:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now.
    Please email me at

  18. Adella says:

    Dear Martha,
    Yes, you are not alone in this situation, I have had other tell me the same story. The silver glitter is the silicone. We have to rebuild our body with probiotics, vitamins ect. Thank you for sharing. Adella

  19. Adella says:

    Silicone shells cause depression and anxiety as they have done studies on this, it is on the DOWs trial exhibits. This information can be found under the Epidemiology tab on our website.

  20. L Hopper says:

    Hello I am 44 years old with 22 year old silicone gel textured implants. I have been very sick the last year with theses flare ups of flu like symptoms, pain all over my body and gets worse with activity. I am also having some serious sensitivities to the smell of chemicals, bad food sensitivities and myocardial
    Muscle pain. I feel like my body is dying. I’ve had to work through this and it’s been very challenging to live life. Thanks to Gods grace I’ve been getting through it. I have been to so many doctors and they all don’t know. I decided to get an explant and my appointment is on the 20th of this month. My hope and prayer is that I feel better from removing theses toxic bombs. Thanks for any support in advance:)

  21. Adella says:

    Hello Laurie, You are INDEED a very ill lady. Gel implants are to be removed before the 8 th year of implantation according to an FDA book I personal have.
    On our web site you will find documentation on why the en-bloc . Some women who get talked into keeping the capsule, never are well enough after to
    get the second surgery for capsule removal. I have a lengthy list of those ladies, suffering today. Laurie, DO NOT be one that I can add.
    Print out the documentation and study it, take it to the Dr. if you like, he is fully aware of this en-bloc because his journals tell all plastic Dr. they are to explant en-bloc.
    My personal email is . I am in there many times a day. Regards Adella Matthew

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