Medical Surgeons Discussion on Breast Implant Failures

A Study by de Camara and co-workers analyzed 51 implants, inserted from about 1973 onwards, indicated that 53% were ruptured and 14% were leaking. All implants older than 10 years were leaking or ruptured. In 1994, Peters and colleagues analyzed 102 implants and demonstrated a similar relationship between duration of implantation and implant failure.

In 1995, Robinson and colleagues showed a similar failure rate of 63.5% in a large group of implants. The present study indicates that 77% of patients with implants currently have leaking or ruptured implants. This failure begins after four years, involves 40% of implants after six years, and involves about 95% of implants after 12 years in situ.

Referenced: Walter Peters, PhD, MD,, FRCSC; Dennis Smith PhD, DSc, FRCS; Stanley Lugowski, MSc Division of Plastic Surgery and the Centre for Biomaterials, Wellesley Hospital and the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario.

R. L. Reed, PhD in biochemistry wrote:

“To this discussion, I would like to add that lymphatic circulation in many tissues (especially the primary lymphatics) is highly dependent on MOVEMENT. When you sit for a long time on an airplane flight, your feet and ankles can swell because lymphatic circulation goes to near zero. Wearing a bra, especially a constricting one with underwires, and especially to bed, prevents normal lymphatic flow and would likely lead to anoxia (lower than normal oxygen content), which has been related to fibrosis, which has been linked to increased cancer risk.”

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  1. cynthia cecile Lee says:

    I just want to point out that in all the times I saw my plastic surgeons…and there were many, I was never, not once, not on one occasion, was i ever told that I would need to have surgury again to replace the implants further down the road. NOT ONCE!
    had I been told this I know beyond a doubt that I would have made a different choice…and further more…I have many friends that have implants…and they were not told this information either. Sadly the friends I have with implants have had them for many many years and have not had them replaced. They are having health issues, many of them, some of them for many years. They are just now putting it together that perhaps the implants could be responsible for their health issues. They are also not in a financial position to replace or have them removed. So there they are..stuck to this implants! pun intended.
    I think it’s time that our government take some responsibility for letting these devices be implanted in the first place! They were deemed “safe” by our government! WHY?
    because of the almighty dollar! that’s why!
    I think our government should stand up and take some responsibility for letting these devices on the market in the first place…they are supposed to protect us!
    I’m just saying……..

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