Notorious Poly Implant Prothese or PIP Breast Implant

The PIP breast implant has been in the news around the world for several days starting in December 2011. Information was given sooner by a few Plastic Surgeons (PS). Dr. Pierre J.J.B. Blais, B. Sc., Ph. D, C. Chem., F.C.I.C., brought to the world a great deal of information about the toxicity of ALL breast implants. Why was this information withheld? Why have so many thousands of women’s and children’s health been severely damaged? I will tell you WHY. I have been working non-stop for 17 years telling women their precious body can never escape the toxic, disfiguring effects of breast implants, and the excruciating headaches that accompany the devastating cognitive problems that result. I had the ‘wonderful’ Dow Corning silicone implants (explanted 19 years ago) allowed by the ‘great’ FDA, but they did not contain silicone that is found in mattresses. All of my muscles, including my stomach and heart, are affected. I can only imagine the pain and suffering you and your family will go through in the years to come, including extreme neuropathic pain. The silicone path I tread is now 39 long years and no end is in sight. No doctor can help us. I certainly was not thinking clearly when I was implanted in 1972.

The members of the Implant Awareness Society are heartsick and upset that the medical system of many countries, and the ‘great’ FDA were aware that this mess was coming. They were all warned. It is the babies that were breast fed, with approval from most doctors, that make me cringe in despair. In the UK, doctors are saying that it is okay to breast feed an infant while you have a breast implant. It is reported by Dr. Susanne Ludgate, the medical director at the MHRA, that they have looked at the safety issues of women breast feeding with the PIP implants. Really! Common sense tells you this is only novel thinking, especially with mattress silicone, and we are all wondering where she studied medicine. It must have been the MHRA janitors that conducted the study, although I am confident they know the smell of gasoline.

What kind of a medical community do we have that doesn’t know that silicone oils are in that breast milk, along with microbiological issues of recognized colonization of the implant site and intracapsular mastitis that makes pus. All PS know of the pus and debris that accompany ALL BREAST IMPLANTS. If yours were any different, you would be the first woman in history. After explantation, you will always have mastitis bacteria in the breast, and it will be criminal to breast feed. Ask your general practitioner (GP) if mastitis bacteria are safe for an infant to ingest. This information is centuries old and is in medical books.
The notorious PIP breast implant had enough gasoline additives in the silicone that they had a very bad, noticeable odor. This fact was the reason that some PS did not implant them, and they were kind enough to warn their colleagues. The PIP implants have been on the market for 20 years. A smelly, mattress-silicone, breast implant; what next, we wonder, will they be capable of using and approving for breast implants.

The history of cancer facts is well documented with BI. The FDA knew in 1968 about A.L.C.L., the lymphoma cancer that forms only on the elastomer shell of breast implants. Saline BI also contain silicone because of the elastomer shell that holds either the saline or silicone gel. A.L.C.L. is the body’s response to this toxic shell and is totally implant related. It is not found in the body if you do not have breast implants. The FDA only made this public about 1 year ago, not 43 years. It has become more public knowledge and information is now on the FDA website.

The proper thing would have been if the ‘great’ FDA made this publically known to all countries years ago, as this would have helped many women in their decision to get BI or not. The Committee Print of the 102nd Congress 2nd Session, House Of Representatives on The FDA’s Regulation OF SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTS, printed in December 1992, contains 61 pages; on page 8, 9, 46, and 47, the report” talks about cancer that was found in implanted rats. The FDA’s decision was that silicone did cause cancer in animals, but they believed it would NOT happen in humans. The doctor researcher asked for more studies: “It would be irresponsible to disregard the possibility of malignant development of permanent implants in humans” Nothing was done. We have been greatly deceived, the propaganda promotion has succeeded, follow the money. The medical system, with all of their regulatory boards in all of this notorious abuse, has become Satan’s disciples.

Page 20 of this same report states: “Frank perforations ultimately develop when fatigue leads to fine crevices that propagate across the full thickness of the shell. The tissue around it forms an abrasive substance, a material like sandpaper which will ensure the demise of the prosthesis well within the 5-year limit”. This quote refers to saline implants. Silicone gel often lasts three years longer. Now we have a UK Plastic Surgeon saying he only uses British Implants as they can last 25 years. What wishful thinking; what planet is he doing his work on?

Mattress silicone, gasoline additives, furniture foam, soy oil (trilucent), silicone injections, cohesive gel (gummi bear) have all been put into women’s beautiful breasts. Do the doctors really care and do they give us sound advice against this evil practice? No, they are part of it, and push it onto us saying “you will not like yourself flat” The plastic surgeons were even kind enough to give us two names for our smaller breasts that THEY diagnosed as diseased: micromastia or hypogenesis. Imagine that, intimidating us in such a cruel way, and looking upon us as deformed. In 1982, an ASPRS publication mentioned that some plastic surgeons considered small breasts to be a deformity.

All we are is a way to make doctors and clinics rich. The materials in all breast implants are very cheap, costing a few hundred dollars, and selling for five to seven thousand. None of it is new; it is the same old junk of the 60’s and 70’s with new toxic additives, thus becoming “new and improved”. What a sick joke on us naive, trusting women.

The textured-surface implants, causing tissue in-growth, are extremely uncomfortable to have, and they are well documented to encourage the lymphoma. With Inamed, Allergen, and Simaplast, the BI surfaces shed off. Why do we go for this corrupt idea, a breast at any cost, then we are encouraged to breast feed as well.

No non-life-saving implant should be implanted into a body. The life saving implants also shed debris and that is enough for your body to deal with should you need one. All breast implants are a piece of toxic junk. Everyday logic should tell you that to implant foreign material anywhere in the body will cause a reaction to protect, and rid you, of this non-welcome object. It is well documented today that silicone in any form is not inert, as it was otherwise promoted.
Did you know that cockroaches love to eat silicone? When they do, they die only inches from the dish. A snake around the neck of a dancer in Israel bit into her silicone implanted breast. There was enough silicone in the snake’s hollow fang that it died. It would’ve amounted to less than a tablespoon. When you have implants, you have more than that amount running around inside your body and this makes you very ill. The elastomer shell is semi-permeable causing a flushing action with the movement of your arms and body, whether the implant is above or below the muscle.

Look at our website under Dear Doctor. Some of the symptoms and diseases are listed there. If you have these symptoms, you must be explanted as soon as possible by the en-bloc method, or extracapsular capsulectomy. Under Research, you will find valuable documentation by Dr. Pierre Blais. Be sure to read, print out, and take to your doctor: Implant Capsule Problems, Residual Capsules, and Crucial Information. You will want only one surgery, not two or three. Have the capsulectomy done under the breast. You cannot repair the motor of a car without lifting the hood. You will heal faster with this method but your doctor will need more time. I was explanted this way and there were 14 others I directed to the same doctor who did a great job of explantation. Some of us needed drains as our implants were older than 10 years. We all healed faster than many others who were not done en-bloc.

The French Government is greatly upset over this PIP mess, and they should be. Dr. Susanne Ludgate says studies show the implants are fine. The women who have these foul-smelling, gasoline-additive, silicone implants are scared to wits end. How could she miss this one when they even stunk in the package? Do they only check a product once? Not likely! They go by the manufacturers’ propaganda and decide from there. That is what Canada does. The Canadian government says, according to a federal Supreme Court ruling, the Health Protection Branch does not have an obligation to warn Canadian citizens.

Now 30,000 thousand French women will be explanted costing up to €60 million ($78 million). We know these figures are TOO LITTLE AND MUCH TOO LATE. This amount will not cover the proper explantation, recommended by the plastic surgeons themselves, that few will follow today. They just want to pull the implant out, leaving the capsule with much debris behind, charging a great deal for this. YOU MUST make the plastic surgeon do the explanting by the en-bloc method. It takes approximately 1-1/2 hours to do each side correctly. You must ensure that the correct surgery is done and not a fast, lazy job, leaving loose silicone, capsule debris full of bacteria, and scar tissue. Paying only 7,000 or 9,000 euros is too little. You may have to put up some of your own money, and it will be well worth it in the end. You will be sick in any case from the silicone filling and the silicone elastomer shell, but not having the correct surgery is a full blown disaster. This is the TITANIC of your life if it is done wrong.

These PIP implants were sold around the world. The Implant Awareness Society and others societies firmly believe that our governments are obligated to help with the explantation costs, great that they will be. Only then can we persuade the governments and doctors to declare the truth about the negative effects with all breast implants. They are to blame for this mess. No woman smelled the gas additives that would’ve stopped her. No government needs to be congratulated for this crass corruption and greed-motivated mess. Package inserts and labels on boxes are mere pieces of paper, and this is what the FDA and our non-accountable governments rely on. This reliance is crippling our women and injuring our infants.

The honeymoon with breast implants is over. We all love them at first, and then the problems begin. Many women start having problems within three months, and go into a state of denial. How could I make such a mistake when even the doctor encourages breast implants? I must be only having a bad day.

The granddaddy and architect of silicone breast implants, Donald McGhan, (73 years old and now serving time in the penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas, USA) always wanted to be the breast implant king of our planet. He started with Dow Corning, learning the trade. He founded a string of unsuccessful companies including Inamed and Medicor. He misused funds from everywhere he could that the trials estimated at $95 million. Of that, $68 million went to Medicor, which used the money for operating expenses and to purchase successful manufacturers of silicone implants: PIP in France and on the Isle of Man, It was McGhan’s dream to get federal approval to reintroduce silicone implants to the US. The reason he is in the penitentiary is that he took money belonging to the American people that was deposited into Southwest Exchange, a Las Vegas company he purchased, so that he could get his hands on millions. He has a son who helps him with the business, McGhan Medical and other interests.

One lady said: “It was 12 years ago, on June 7, 1999, that I had my mastectomies and placement of tissue expanders. Who would have guessed that would be the beginning of the end of my life. I wish I could say that I am getting better. I wish that so much. I never ever talk about it anymore, well who would talk about it anyway? I am a recluse now and have been for several years. I barely leave the house.”

Will this be you? She is in her 40’s. Life is over for her, she suffers so much pain, fatigue, despair, alone, as her spouse left her. Was a breast implant worth this? She has no breast now as she was explanted nine years ago. I know many more women like her. How cruel of the manufacturer’s that are in this for their unbridled GREED. The doctors too are in it for the money. There are many millions now with silicone implants. We women ourselves have to SAY NO. A false toxic breast, that fits better into a dress, is not worth what is in store for you.

Poor Australia, Sidney Morning Herald, January 9, 2012 says, “Toothless health watchdog dithers on implants as women worry”. Poor watchdog, not only toothless but blind from cataracts. Australia’s TGA, has not heard the penny drop as it were.

The FDA set a ‘new low standard’ when they approved saline BI as safe and effective in the spring of 2000. The new low standard has now been replaced with NO STANDARD at all.  The ‘great’ FDA, foot dragging for so many years about A.L.C.L. This is not better late than never. The FDA has cracked the medical system.

The newspaper declares the FDA said “no PIP in the USA”. Well here I am in Canada and I have had two women contact me: one silicone PIP in New York and one saline PIP in California who was told PIP was the best money could buy and charged her $7,000 for the ‘best’. Now that is coast to coast. How can we believe in the FDA? Many thousands of PIP have been sold over the internet and their website offers saline, silicone, and the banned trilucent, anything for their unbridled greed.

Audrey Hepburn was every inch a lady, and who put her down over her small breasts. No one would have dared. She was stunning.  We can stop breast implantation when we understand they are so dangerous.

The FDA on their own website says breast implants are NOT lifetime devices. Look it up for yourself. The longer a woman has implants, the more likely it is that she will need to have surgery to remove them. Breast implants of any kind are proving, for the medical system, to be their own Titanic. Lives are being lost to cancer and other disease. Like the tobacco industry, many lives have been lost before admission of the truth was made public. A man living across the street lost his leg to tobacco. Casualties are all around us from our bad lifestyle choices.

 Thank you for listening to this truthful, ugly story about breast implants. You are welcome to contact me.
Adella Matthew

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  1. Suffering badly with swollen infected implants – Transform clinic – year of implant April 1999 uk

    Transform have been vague to the McGhan implanted, felt so poorly for over 6 years. Many antibiotics (x12 courses over 4 years) hospital visits (x7 ormskirk hospital) old school moody consultant kept saying the swelling/tenderness was my age ect . . take evening primrose ?? im 46 years old. As the pain continued & worsened, in despair I asked my gp (crying in the surgery!!) for a second opinion at another hospital. Within 2 hours of meeting with this hospitals consultant he had graded me Becker 4 encapsulation with concerns they have already ruptured ( large swelling the size of an egg under my left armpit) Im due to be operated on within a week, concerned to the year my implant were fitted & to the ingredients/products used by McGhan in 1999/2000 – how can I gain this information, can you advise please.

    Sue x

  2. Adella says:

    You do need to be explanted properly. Please see below:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now

    Dr. James McDiarmid, 1 Davy Road, Plymouth, UK Pl6 8BX
    Or Dr. David W Oliver – The Nuffield Hospital Exeter, Wonford Road, Exeter, UK EX2 4UG
    or Dr. Paul E Banwell – Marylebone, London, UK W1G 8SD

  3. Michelle wootton rowley says:

    The story’s outlined mirror mine transform are washing their hands from us, has anyone tried suing please?

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