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  1. Leanna says:

    I am sick, achy, feverish most of the time can you advise and explant expert in Vancouver?

  2. Karrren says:

    I am 51 years old and had silicone implants put in 25 years ago. For the first 15 years had no problems at all, but for the last 10 years have been having a lot of health issues, joint pain extreme fatigue ets. I have gone to drs requesting ultra sounds and mri’s. Have had ultra sounds and mammograms which they say everything is just fine, but i honestly believe there is something no right, as some days i feel like i am 91 instead of 51. Is there some kind of a blood test i can request to detect if there is silicone in my body?


  3. Kate says:

    I have had silcone implants for almost 25 years and really fear the health factor. I would like to have them removed but can’t afford the surgery. Is there any help from Dow Corning?

  4. COLETTE says:

    I am trying to find somewhere to send my implants that will identify who the manufacturer was of my breast implants.
    I had to have them removed and the original doctor who performed the breast augmentation has since retired and the records are not available.

    I had what was suppose to be cohesive implants and they were not.

  5. Adella says:

    Hello Colette,

    There is only one person that I know of, who can give you for certain, the manufacturer of your implants. Many times the shells and filling are made by two manufacturers.

    You see his documents on our web. Dr. Pierre Blais . Please mention my name when you contact him, as the doctor, wife and secretary know me well. We work together many times through the year. They will tell you how to ship them. They do not except COD.
    You are fortunate that your implants were not cohesive gel. They cause more injury. I have been helping women the better part of 20 years now.
    Sincerely Adella Matthew

  6. Cheryl Michell says:

    I have 35 year old implants that I suspect were DOW. They were removed Feb 14, 2014 and I need to know if they were or not. I was told a pathology lab could help me with this. Can you direct me in the correct direction. I’m in Royal Oak, MI. Thanks, Cheryl

  7. Adella says:

    I am using Leave a reply to show it is still up.

  8. shelley Hart says:

    I am at deaths door and only just found your website.
    please can you email me by reutrnadvise me if you know of a reputable explant surgeon in the UK I am desperate

    Thank you

  9. Kimberlie Hathaway says:

    Do you know of any surgeons in the UK who can remove migrating silicone from ruptured implants? I have no money to pay for this.

  10. Adella says:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now. We are so very sorry to hear that you are not well.
    You can contact:
    Dr. David W. Oliver Breast Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Skin Malignancy tel: 01392 262155 Email:
    or Dr. James McDiarmid – 1 Davy Road Plymouth, UK PL6 8BX
    or Dr. Chien C Kat 49 Sherborne Street Bermingham UK B16 8FN

  11. Adella says:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now. No – you do not get any help from DOW what so ever. You must be explanted with the enbloc method, the longer you wait the more health problems and some will become irreversible.

  12. Adella says:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now.

    You can contact:

    Dr. James McDiarmid, 1 Davy Road, Plymouth, UK Pl6 8BX
    Or Dr. David W Oliver – The Nuffield Hospital Exeter, Wonford Road, Exeter, UK EX2 4UG
    or Dr. Paul E Banwell – Marylebone, London, UK W1G 8SD

    We wish you success with this most serious matter, Adella. Please feel free to contact us again.

  13. Adella says:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now. No, they closed the lab that could have help you. The medical profession is covering up everything now. Its possible that all test will come back negative. You need to get explanted ASAP and go to the web and look under the tab “crucial information”. You could become bed ridden for life with 25 year old implants. Please feel free to contact us again. If you let us know where you live (Canada, USA, UK?) we can give names of Dr.s who can help you.

  14. Adella says:

    We hope to have word of one here in Vancouver by the end of November 2015.

  15. Kda says:

    Can any one suggest a way to get whats in my actual implants? They are a year old and I have felt after two months they were cause of these illnesses now.

    I’ve emailed implant maker several times to no avail.

  16. Karen says:

    Please may I have your recommendation for contact details of a surgeon in Australia for conducting an explant on textured implants?

  17. Adella says:

    We will get back to you shortly with some information.

  18. Annabelle says:

    Looking for an experienced surgeon to do explantation en bloc .. Vancouver area.
    10 yr old silicone cohesive gel implants. In so much pain! I’m very scared and completely alone . 🙁
    Also, any idea of costs?
    Thank you

  19. Danette says:

    Good afternoon, I would appreciate names of surgeons in Alberta Canada that do explant surgery.
    Thank you very much,

  20. Adella says:

    We wanted to make sure you received this information:
    We refer: Dr. Tom Sinclair

    205 743 Railway Avenue, Alberta Canada
    Phone 403.678.2020
    Fax 403.678.2175

    Surgery done in the Banff Hospital, Alberta
    The very best doctor in Canada.
    I.A.S. have sent many women here.
    All have been very happy with everything.

  21. Lynda Lerma says:

    I’m looking for a surgeon who will do enbloc in the UK!! How do you know the names you gave are educate about removing the capsule??? Thank you

  22. Adella says:

    Hi Lynda, We try and make a list according to other women have referred us to. HOWEVER, we recommend that all women have a deep conversation with the surgeon to ensure he explains how he himself does the surgeon.

    Dr. Chien C. Kat
    49 Sherborne Street
    Birmingham, UK., B16 8FN

    ?Dr. Adrian Richards
    The Paddocks Clinic, Aylesbury Road
    Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, UK HP27 0JS

    ?Dr. Erik Scholten:
    Chadwick Drive, Eaglestone West,
    Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK., MK6 5LR

    ?Dr. David W. Oliver: MBChB, FRCS (Plast)
    Region: West Country
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon, The Nuffield Hospital Exeter
    Wonford Road, Exeter., EX2 4UG Tel: 01392 262155
    Fax: 01392 262153
    Private Rooms Address:
    Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Capio Mount Stuart Hospital
    St. Vincents Road, Torguay TQ1 4UP
    Tel: 01803 321615
    Fax: 01803 321608
    ?Dr. Paul E. Banwell:
    Marylebone, London, UK., W1G 8SD

    ?Dr. Taimur Shoaib
    152 Harley Street, 3rd Floor
    London, UK.

    ?Mr. James McDiarmid: Tel: 01242 571020
    McDiarmid Hall Clinic e-mail:
    1 Davy Road, Plymouth, UK., PL6 8BX Secretary:
    Locations: Cheltenham and Plymouth

    ?Dr. Sunita Shroia:
    Ashford Hospital, London Road
    Ashford, Surrey, UK., TW15 3AA

    ?Dr. Guy Sterne:
    Spire South Bank Hospital, 139 Bath Road
    Worcester, UK., WR5 3YB

  23. Margo Miller says:

    Dear Adella:
    Your website is phenomenal. You are also the best! Thanks to your followup, I am happy to report that after explant I feel a renewed sense of health. If you are suffering, know that this organization and Adella will put you on a clear path to regain your health. I personally have donated to her charity. Hope everyone here will have a turnaround year.
    Margo – USA

  24. Jenna says:

    Thank you ladies for all your shared stories!
    I was having doubts about having implants since I am almost flat-chested and suffer from this. Do silicone prosthesis have the similar (although lesser) effects on our body (like some silicone being absorbed through skin)?
    I am very grateful for everything you do Adella!

  25. Julie Dezarn says:

    Dear Adella,

    I was just reading through this whole website I found Nicole’s site October 2016 and it saved my life which Nicole says your her angel all of this is amazing I didn’t waste time I found Nicole’s Facebook site and I read as much as I could retain ugh I couldn’t think at all my eye site was going fast I was getting so frustrated and scared. But I didn’t waste any time I explanted January 27th 2017 I’m just past 4 weeks and I feel better I can think clearer I can walk again fatigue is pretty much gone but I get so scared it’s going to come back. My vision is better inflammation is going down I only had my implants since July 18, 2014 not long Allergan, Inc Natrelle Silicone Smooth under the muscle Style 10 270 cc’s I researched booklets cross referenced my operative report I seen I had Saline sizes also the shell made out of Silicone and my operative report stated my plastic surgeon tailor tacked my pockets while sizers were still in the pockets I researched my sizers it states don’t use betadine to clean them they are a one time use my original plastic surgeon reused his and cleaned them with betadine which he stated in his operative report and when I asked him he refused to see me after I brought a lot to his attention I had serve depression manic it states do not implant patients that have depression or until their depression is under control well it got worse. But is pretty much gone I have a second chance at life how could I be depressed I guess I’m just angry I nor should anyone ever have to ever go through that ever! Thank you for the information it still helped still process all of this I have a long story but you get where I am going and where I came from god bless you!

  26. Rikki says:

    Hi! I am in the process of finding a suitable doctor that will correctly perform this surgery. Do you have any suggestions for doctors in the Phoenix and/or Tucson, Arizona area? Thank you so much! I have spent years being told it’s all in my head (my symptoms) and websites like this give me great relief to know that I am not alone in this battle to live. Thank you again!!!

  27. Adella says:

    We are so glad you found us! You are not alone!It is not in your head and many many women are experiencing the same horrible symptoms. We have a list of surgeons:
    ?Dr. Karl Hiatt: P/S
    4540 East Baseline Road, Suite #117
    Mesa, AZ., 85206 Tel: (480) 844-1410
    500 W. 10th Place, Suite #124
    Mesa, AZ.

    ?Dr. William Leighton:
    10210 N. 92nd St., Suite #200
    Scottsdale, AZ. Tel: (480) 314-2008

    ?Dr. Lawrence Shaw:
    9522 E. San Salvador, Suite #301 Tel: (480) 767-1900
    Scottsdale, AZ.

    ?Dr. Gwendolyn Maxwell: M.D.
    2490 E. River Rd., Suite 100 Tel: (520) 751-1225
    Tucson, AZ., 85718-6522 Fax: (520) 751-2008
    Other listing:
    1200 North El Dorado Place, Suite G-700
    Tucson, AZ., 85715
    First – go to our website
    On the top bar Go to RESEARCH – then Click IMPLANT CAPSULE PROBLEMS – DR. BLAIS – Then click on the purple link Implant Capsule Problems and print this out and bring it with you to your doctors appointment.
    Second – go to our website On the top bar Go to RESEARCH – then Click RESIDUAL CAPSULE then click CRUCIAL INFORMATION – “RESIDUAL CAPSULES AND INTRACAPSULAR DEBRIS AS LONG-TERM RISK FACTORS _ Dr. Blais” Print this out and bring to the doctors appointment with you.

    We hope this is helpful!

  28. Adella says:

    Thank you for contacting the Implant Awareness Society Jenna. I thank you for your wonderful compliment, I will be very honest.
    I was quite flat from breast feeding 2 children. I felt that I suffered from my appearance. That was very little to suffer from, compared to what I got from breast implants.
    Implants ruined my health, pain, unbelievable pain, throughout my body from the age of 42 up to 86 plus, every day 24/7. Crippled also, not one good knuckle one either hand or toe.
    This is the glory of all breast implants. They are to be replaced before the 8th year of implantation. Do you want, can you afford this? Suppose you say “that will not happen to me”
    I can promise it will, there are thousands who know from experience it will and does injure. Silicone has its place, NEVER in the human body. Men or women. Also causes cancer.
    This is published in Dow literature. One book that I have is 16 pounds. Injury is written all through it on almost every page. The pain is unbelievable, drugs do not help and then women become
    addicted to the medication, now you struggle with both addiction and still the pain. Simply not worth it. They have new water inflated bras now. it is so much better to wear external help, than be implanted. Silicone being absorbed through the skin is not good. Lotions, creams, is also to be avoided. My creams, lotions are guaranteed silicone, petroleum, lead FREE. I will be happy to tell you what I have been using for over 25 years now. Please let us know what you decide. Regards Adella Matthew

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