Truth on ‘Cohesive’ Gel Implant

Pierre Blais J. J. B. Blais, B. Sc., Ph.D., C. Chem., F.C.I.C. was the former Senior Scientific Advisor for Canada’s now-defunct Department of Health and Welfare for fourteen years. He now runs Innoval Consultants, a firm engaged in the design, testing, and failure analysis of high risk medical systems. In his line of work he has examined over 7,000 cases of explantation, from which they have recovered over 9,000 different implants. Blais says they’ve seen “every single type that has ever been used worldwide. Some are as old as the 1950’s.”

The terms “cohesive gel” and “gummy bear” were introduced in breast implant promotion circa 2005 and have now become ubiquitous. Citing testimonials from conspicuous plastic surgeons, internet websites describe the “cohesive-gel” breast implant as a recent innovation of great merit. Such implants are presented as longer-lasting, providing a more attractive shape, safer, and having undergone rigorous testing.

“Cohesive gel” is an old term but in the context of breast implants it is an oxymoron. The technology employed to fabricate gel-filled breast implants requires that the gel be transformed from an invasive liquid to a stable semi-solid. This is achieved by mixing reactive liquid chemicals in various proportions and
“baking” the mixture until it congeals into a mass. The technology to achieve cohesivity is described in patents of the late fifties and early sixties and remains essentially unchanged. Cohesive-gel implants commercialized nearly half a century ago fell into disuse because plastic surgeons did not like their inability to deform during surgery, preferring pliable implants that could be stretched and “stuffed” through a small incision. The early cohesive-gel implants were abandoned in favour of soft, stretchy, thin-shelled products that dominated the market until 1992 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) imposed a Moratorium to restrict use of silicone-gel-filled implants. Thus, to present the “cohesive-gel” breast implants as an innovation of recent origin is incorrect.

Claims that the currently promoted “cohesive-gel” implants are longer-lasting and safer are not demonstrated. Implant durability is unrelated to cohesivity of the filling gel. Instead, durability is determined by how the user’s tissue reacts to the foreign object and its effluents. The tenacity, chemical resistance, and ability o f the shell to resist stresses created by user movement are the key factors that determine how long an implant shell can hold its filling gel. Implants of any type, cohesive gel or not, drastically change the environment where they are implanted. Viable tissue is converted to hard frangible material intermingled with calcific deposits, a necrotic process which ultimately causes the implant to be surrounded by dead and abrasive material which erodes the shell. Compression by the surrounding tissue capsule deforms the implant and causes the shell to crease, leading to fracture. Calcific deposits create an alkaline environment which chemically attack the silicone shell causing it to fragment to inflammatory debris. The same environment converts the gel to an invasive liquid. These processes accelerate as the implant ages. Therefore, there is no basis to claim that a “cohesive-gel” implant is longer-lasting or safer.
More than 700 types of implants of assorted shapes and sizes have been commercialized since the sixties. All have been marketed on the belief that the breast would imitate the shape of the implant. Experience reveals otherwise. Within several months following implantation, contractile tissue forms around the implant. This process, combined with the anatomic constraints imposed by the user’s chest, deform the implant to an irregular spherical shape, creating the classic augmented breast profile. Nothing short of a hard, nearly rigid implant could retain its original shape after several years of sustained contracture. The claim that the “cohesive- gel” implant imparts a more attractive breast shape is at best wishful thinking.
Pre-clinical and clinical testing of breast implants has never been a serious undertaking. The architects of the FDA’s 1992 Moratorium attempted to change this long-established practice. Breast implant manufacturers were compelled to conduct controlled studies on breast implant safety, upgrade quality assurance practices, and maintain patient follow-up. In response, the three surviving breast-implant manufacturers agreed to the set conditions hoping that the FDA would approve the open sale of their products. Findings from the studies were at best mediocre. Nevertheless, and largely because of pressure from special interest groups, the FDA conceded to the manufacturers’ demand in 2006 and silicone-gel-filled breast implants were declared “approvable” for breast augmentation.
The FDA’s approval had little to do with “rigorous testing”. By 2010, flaws had become obvious in the promoters’ sponsored studies. Adverse events culminating in implant removal and individuals lost to follow-up were the most noteworthy findings, the same observations which characterized earlier testing of breast implants. Retrospectively, the tests were neither rigorous nor specifically applicable to the currently-promoted “cohesive-gel” implants and claims of superior performance and safety remain debatable.

Through repetitive promotion, the belief has spread that breast implants marketed post-FDA Moratorium are “new and improved”. This belief is illusory. Currently promoted breast implants are basically the same products which were widely sold during the early seventies. They embody minimal design changes and employ substantially identical ingredients. Manufacturing processes are similar albeit more mechanized, reflecting a desire to reduce production costs.

In summary, the events of the last four decades give credence to views widely held by many in the biomedical field that the currently promoted breast implants are nothing more than reissues of products commercialized more than four decades ago.

Innoval Failure Analysis
Ottawa, Canada K2A 2V1
August 2011

59 Responses to Truth on ‘Cohesive’ Gel Implant

  1. francesca gallina says:

    i understand what you mean, but it happends that many women cannot look at their body in such a good way. i do not like mine, also if everybody says its lovely. when i was 20 (i was really flat), i made my fist surgery with round impiants that are so artificial. i cannot stay in this way, i must change with anatomich ones. Please, following your researces, as anatomic impiants, how many tipes of coesive gel existe , and wich are the one high coesive but covered with less coesive gel (the allergan 510 dual gel? higly advice against. please if you can help me not to do another mistake! i cannot just take off the impiants i have!!!!!!!!!! sorry for my inglish, i’m italian girl. thanks anyway ciao francesca

  2. J R Perry says:

    A friend of mine had the cohesive gel implants put in a few years ago. She is very happy with them up to now. I have had ‘saline implants’ (I was told) over 10 years ago. My left breast is as hard as a rock, while the right one looks and feels natural. I want to know what can be done about fix the left one which is smaller and mishapen, making me look lopsided. It also is causing a lot of discomfor and weating a bra is painful. I was hoping for some advice, as I have an appointment with another plastic surgion to see is he can correct the problem.

  3. Randi says:

    My Dr. is recommending Gel Implants. After reading this, would saline be safer?

  4. im a 64 year old woman who had reconstructive surgery after double mastectomy..after reading this im no longer convinced of the cohesive silicone being thee almighty answer. i trusted my surgeon to tell me the truth.. July 22, 2013 i had these put in after a year of tissue expanders. i wonder what the alternative is to what i have. im seeing plastic
    surgeon this week and will bring this up. im frightened seeing as how im 64, i dont stand as good a chance as a younger woman with these. im wondering what my future holds.
    do they puncuture?

  5. Adella says:

    Dear Friend,
    I am the founding president of the I.A.S. Implant Awareness Society, and I have been doing this work now for almost 20 years.
    In a matter of only 45 days, I will be 83 years old. Yes, I did at one time have Dow Corning silicone breast implants. Cohesive silicone is the very same, only firmer. The plan is that, because the gel is firmer, it is supposed to be better, never to leave the shell, when in fact it is not better.

    What your PS, plastic surgeon, failed to tell you is that because the elastomer shell, also silicone, is semi-permeable, body fluids seep in and out again, and all the while liquefies the firm gel. This polluted fluid now can go throughout your entire body.
    This causes many diseases and health challenges. We do much better, with NO implant ever. Wearing only external prostheses.

    I do not like to be a bearer of sad news. At 83 years, I will not lie or twist the truth. Our body will always treat a breast implant as a foreign object. Any implant is foreign to the body. The PS will not tell you this because he is in business. His business is to operate and earn money. No PS tells us the whole sad story. Not one. If you find one, he or she will be the very first in history.
    I have yet to learn of one. I say, “breast implants are a trail of tears”.

    You must not fall for the story “we can make you whole again”. You always know you have this object there, especially in cold weather or when you take an airplane trip.

    Also, do not go for moving tissue from the stomach area to the breast cavity. Look up How Good on our web site, by the best plastic surgeon in the field, in the USA. You will herniate out where they took the tissue, as well as the toxic result from the mesh they use to stabilize the removal area. I am not giving medical advice. I have much on my website that does that, from medical doctors who specialize. I am only repeating what hundreds of women have told me personally over the last many years.

    I served on the largest women’s hospital advisory board in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada along with four medical doctors and nursing specialist staff. Breast implant have given me very crippled hands. This is a new keyboard, yet my hands pain. I like to use the phone. We are on Pacific Standard Time, the west coast. Our phone number is 604-572-8486.

    Somehow, I did not get your email until September 15. I was very upset over the delay. It went into the wrong place and simply was not found. I will be happy to phone you if you email me the number. The FDA also states in their own book, which I have, that implants need to be changed BEFORE the 8th year after implantation. Who tells us this. The doctors put us on a treadmill of surgeries that go on forever.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

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  7. s hastings says:

    BEWARE!! My bosses wife passed away 2 months after getting these implants for reconstruction surgery. She had terrible pain since they where placed then came down with flu like symptoms and was dead at 56 with in a week. I have heard of a lot of people getting infection after getting gummys Beware please.

    I am very sorry to learn of this dear lady’s painful death. When a manufacturer says “new and Improved ” it only means the implant material has had more chemicals added. Now to them it is new and improved. A manufacturer has yet to say ” new, and improved in that we can and will guarantee no illness and great performance.” This is what we want, and this is what we read into their misinformation.
    The cohesive is the most dangerous implant on the market. The PIP is a cake walk compared to these. Adella Matthew

  8. Debbie says:

    Ms. Matthews,
    I can’t thank you enough for daring to speak truth and reality into an area that is obviously overrun with self-denial and poor business practices which leads to the very top of this field and the government which is charged with protecting the very people that have become victims due to it’s lack of attention, firm resolve, and integrity.

    My question to you is this, do we have any idea the percentage of women with implants that experience implant-related problems at some point during the life of the implant?

    Many thanks,

  9. Adella says:

    Thank you for contacting me. I will answer your question. If the plastic surgeon would only be truthful, no woman would ever be implanted. Silicone is the most toxic substance on the planet.
    The FDA and Health Canada knew this from the very beginning. I have yet to meet , talk to, email, write letters, to any breast implanted woman who is not ill. Some are sicker than others, it depends on her immune. The number of women who are sick is 100%. Some will be in denial for life, and will cling to this toxic breast because she paid so much money for them and does not know what to do.
    On our web http://www.implantawareness under Dear Doctor, you will find documentation from medical professor Carol Herbert and Dr. Ira Lewy who were not afraid to speak out. It is very lengthy. Please read to the bottom where Dr. Lewy goes over all the symptoms, and then at the end, the many cruel diseases silicone causes. Some women have 3/4 of these diseases. We blame the symptoms on menopause, getting older, my mother had, my father had this problem, when in fact is the silicone. The sad truth is WE are ill for life. Adella

  10. Marisela says:

    Hello, I ran into this site while doing research about the Silicone that is now in my Lymph Nodes. YES, in 2006 I had the “newer, improved cohesive silicone gel implants”
    Implanted. I had them for almost 8 years. The entire time I was sick. From all over body pain, extreme fatigue and constant flu type feelings. Last year, I felt sicker than I ever have. All medical tests were negative and I was beginning to feel that I may be a hypochondriac. UNTIL, last year in April, I felt a hard lump under my left arm pit. After Ultrasounds and biopsies, it was found that the lump is in fact a Lymph Node filled with Silicone. Let me tell you that I am a medical professional and more specifically I am a Mammographer. My decision to get “Cohesive gel silicone implants” was not made lightly. I did extensive research. The Silicone breasts implants that I had and still see on patients appear perfectly fine to the naked eye. Even on the Mammograms I was not seeing any “free silicone. I felt convinced enough that they were safe. I had a large Fibroadenoma removed from my left breast at 12 o’clock leaving me very loop sided in my early 30’s. After touching at least 200 Silicone implanted breasts on live patients and my extensive research, I believed the NEW “Cohesive” gel implants were safe. Actually, they are NOT, Last year, I had them removed and replaced with Saline implants. My implants were sent back to Mentor for analysis. I received the report back from Mentor stating that “although extremely rare, they had determined that my left breast implant was found to have a SHELL/PATCH tear which was picked up by my Lymph node.As I write this I have pain down my arm from the silicone filled Lymph Node. “Cohesive Silicone gel” aka “gummy” implants DO LEAK. In fact ALL implants leak. They also “bleed” , meaning you can have a intact implant and Silicone still bleeds through the shell on a microscopic level.None of this information was given to me from plastic surgeon, in fact, at the time , Silicone implants had just had the ban lifted from them. NOW years later, the information is out there. Too late for me. Now it’s as simple as going on the Mentor website (one of 3 implant manufacturers) and reading the Patient information section. How many Women do this? On their own website, they talk about ruptures, bleeds, need for MRI’s every two years. I also read that patients should be provided with the insert that comes from the manufacturer and given time to make a informed decision. This is not happening, instead you can read thousands of surgeons online stating thar “Cohesive implants” are solid and cannot rupture. Lies. By the way, my health insurance company refused to give me a MRI when I discovered the lump so I paid 900$ out of pocket for my MRI, which in the end was not definitive either. It showed an abnormality but not enough info. It was not until I had the implants removed and sent back to Mentor for analysis that the Shell/patch tear was found. This took many months. Prior to feeling the lump in my Axilla and all the way until the day they were removed my breasts looked perfectly fine. NO visual sign of any abnormality. In fact, if I didn’t have a 3cm mass of Silicone in my Lymph node, I would still be walking around poisoned. I am now 47 and having had the implants for 8 years, the surgeons told me that my breasts would and could suffer deformity upon explanation, so I opted for Saline Breast implants. Why do I still have the Silicone Lymph Node? The answer is simple, because once I had a problem NO plastic surgeon I have found is willing to remove the LN for fear of causing Lymph Edema which I have seen in Cancer patients after LN dissection. My health insurance Co isn’t running to help me either. Today, online I found a plastic surgeon in San Diego (S. California) that has pictures of LN he has removed full of Silicone. I am making an appointment to see him tomorrow morning. I hope he can help. Elaine is correct, the point is to never get implants in the first place. I have never spoken to anyone, except family about my issue. I decided to speak up today because I see that Elaine is in her 80’s and I am in my 40,s. NOTHING has changed. There is NO SUCH THING as new and improved or “no leak gummy” implants. Everything happens for a reason and maybe it’s my purpose to speak up about my experience and hopefully prevent even one Woman from having her underarm cut wide open to remove the Silicone LN and pray that I do not get Lymph Edema. I am now even having difficulty doing my job because I have many patients coming in for baseline Mammograms prior to their implant surgery, asking my opinion on COHESIVE , GUMMY implants and I simply cannot tell them the truth due to my employer and career on the line. all I can say is that I cannot comment. I hope this helps at least one Woman. Please share. Will try to keep updated about my situation.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Do saline filled implants cause the same health problems or are they safer than silicone?

  12. Becka says:

    What about joint replacement? Aren’t they made of silicone too? If its so toxic then why is it in so many products? I had issues before implants and I continue to have them now. I’m not advocating implants but I’m saying I don’t want an external prosthetic. Someone needs to come up with a better solution.

  13. Angela says:

    I am BRACA positive and after being diagnosed, I took a couple of years of interviewing different doctors and looking at all my options. I live in a city where there are an abundance of world class physicians. I decided on going with the “gummy bear” implant. Within a few months of my reconstruction wit these impacts, I was back in to have a revision, as one of my implants rotated. Not a pretty sight. Unfortunately, I contracted a form of staph infection after the surgery which required months of levaquin and countless drains. The implant has not been right since that surgery, now going on two years. Over the past several months, I have had terrible headaches stiff neck and excruciating pains in my upper back/shoulders. I have spent many hours with a massage therapist, chiropractor, and acupuncturist to find relief. I am tired all the time and seemingly foggy. Since I also had a hysterectomy at the same time as the bilateral mastectomy, I chalked my symptoms up to my hormones being “out of whack.”

    My physician ask that I give my implant time to “loosen up” after the infection. I gave it two years and though it isn’t as firm, it is still painful to lie on my stomach. Additionally, I feel this sharp shooting pains throughout the breast area, down my rib cage and arms. We ultimately decided on removing the implant and replacing with a new one. Allergan, the manufacturer, required me to get an MRI prior to surgery. I found out today that BOTH implants have ruptured. Knowing that both implants have ruptured, I can’t help but think my aforementioned symptoms and the ruptures are related. How would I know? Is there a blood test I should ask for?

    Thank you,

  14. Gina Stanley says:

    Hi my name is Gina,
    I had saline implants for ten years, my ps suggested I replace them with silicone. He led me to believe that they were safe and they didn’t have to be replaced unless their was a rupture. I let him replace them six months ago and have had nothing but illness after illness. I have been in ER several times, blood work after blood work and CT scans everything came back normal. After alot of prayer God gave me the courage to look on the web to see if breast implants cause illness. Well found site called healing breast implnt There it was all the symptoms and illnesses that I have had for nearly six months. I called and got an appoinyment right away with Dr.Lu JeanFeng in Cleveland Ohio for explant. I had explant surgery January 14,2015. Dr.Feng said that I had a small rupture in my right implant, she said that it was made by my implanting surgeon or manufacture defect. I would like to know if I have a legal case or not? I would greatly appreciate your advice. I Thank God for you and the other women for your stories and help. Thank you and May God Bless you!

  15. Ab says:

    I have had silicone cohesive gel implants since 2011. I’ve been suffering debilitating symptoms for about 7 months now and was generally a healthy, fit mom. I’m scared and now looking into explanting. Is there a support group for women like me suffering from breast implant illness? This is the biggest regret I’ve made in my life and I hope we can stand together and FIGHT these surgeons, FDA etc. I want my health back!!

  16. Basia Armenta says:

    I have had my implants for about 6 years. Right after the implantation I discovered that I didn’t feel good anymore. I now have most of the symptoms that are described here but in 30 days my implants will be out. I would like to be able to help other women to understand that this toxic things are the cause of their symptoms and or illness but I first have to see it for myself. At this time I am monitoring my health and documenting various tests so I can compare them to the tests after the explantation in 30 days. Either way I know that I will feel better without them being inside me and further poisoning my body.

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  18. Hi, I’m thinking of undergoing breast augmentation surgery. My problem is about going under muscle as I’m always active meaning that I do crossfit. Does anybody have any recommendations? I am still to see the the doctor as I am still uncertain about the operation. Thankyou

  19. Carezhere says:

    How do women who have lost marriage, careers, savings, income, HEALTH manage to afford explant? Medicare won’t cover until surgery is over if the surgeon finds cancer or something deathly wrong. This is so unfair. It feels like we’re slowly being murdered

  20. Adella says:

    I agree, the system is totally against women’s health.

  21. Adella says:

    The more people know about breast implant problems the better off we all are.

  22. Adella says:

    I’m sorry, but I won’t endorse ANY kind of implant surgery. It is all dangerous and can maim, disfigure you, affect your overall health adversly or even kill you. My recommendation is to NOT DO IT.

  23. Adella says:

    Thanks for adding to this discussion. The more women that tell the truth, the more chance we have of convincing young women NOT to get implants.

  24. Adella says:

    There are so many, many women who are suffering in silence or who do not understand that it is the implants affecting their health. Thanks for adding your voice.

  25. Adella says:

    Thank you Gina, for adding YOUR story to our growing accumulation of knowledge about the dangers of implants. God Bless you too!

  26. Adella says:

    The medical system will have you going round and round in endless circles, with NO one admitting the breast implants had anything to do with your deteriorating health. Thanks for adding your story to the ever growing amount of evidence about these evil implants.

  27. Adella says:

    We would always recommend being explanted and not reimplanted. All implants cause serious disease and both you and your girl friend are marching forward into a severe disease mine field. Please read some of the other comments that have been posted and you will better understand. Under “crucial information” you will learn how to be explanted properly. If you are not explanted properly you can count on excruciating disease to follow. I wish I had better news for you, this is difficult and I have helped 1000’s of women. Many have said that I helped save their lives. I still have great pain and illness and I have been explanted 21 years now. And I was correctly explanted, here in Vancouver Canada.

  28. Adella says:

    No implants are safe. It is a trail of tears, for everyone who gets them because disease is shortly there.

  29. Adella says:

    As we have said, all implants are toxic, even the saline. (So called “safe saline”).

  30. Adella says:

    We do not recommend implants of any kind. Beauty comes from within. There is no safe kind.

  31. Adella says:

    Yes, all implants are TOXIC!

  32. Adella says:

    So sorry for the late reply, we had issues with our website and are just finding these messages now. They have found that the metal ones are more successful – being stainless steel they have been made in ceramic. They also wear out and they also encapsulate.

  33. Adella says:

    Thank you for sharing story we appreciate it more than words can tell. Stories and education is the key. Plastic surgeons are in it to make money and they will. Please can you send us an update with how you are doing. Sincerely, Adella.

  34. Angelica says:

    Everything I read about implants terrifies me but unfortunately,it’s too late as I did not find this when I was ready to have implants in the first place. I’m on my third set. The first ones were saline and got hard as a rock, the second set ruptured and now I have the gummy bear implants. The gummy implants were done in 2008. I noticed that my arms were getting numb and tingling from day one but I never thought it had anything to do with the implants. My health has gotten worse over time. My doctors can’t figure out what is wrong with me or why I have chronic pain all over. My arms, hips, legs back, shoulders etc hurt all the time. I’m so tired of being in pain. I honestly don’t know what to do but now I’m thinking that it must be the implants, what else could it be? Is there some sort of test that I can take to know for sure that this is what is making me so sick?

  35. Kda says:

    Dr – i just got the seintra gummy implants in nov 2014. Two months later i was covered in sores on legs, scalp buttocks .. If they arent leaking what could be causing this? Btw mine are the seintra ones that just put halt to them due to quality control issues .

  36. Adella says:

    Dear Kata,
    Thank you for contacting me. I will help you all I can. I have been doing this work for 30 years
    now. I have found not all doctors are the same.
    Yes , you have the most toxic implant that has been made.
    I am sure your immune was already struggling when in November 2014 you were implanted with Seintra gummy gel.
    You must be explanted ASAP with a correct procedure. Not every doctor can or will do the explanting correctly.
    Not all the doctors that explant will, or even want, to do this job, as they are instructed. Most are incompetent.
    Where do you live? What state, province, or country do you live in?
    Do you want to pay for two surgeries or one?
    Your health is on the line. The very fact that you have sores appearing so soon after implantation, pretty much all
    over, tells us your system is struggling to maintain. You are wide open to bacterial infection in these sores, a secondary problem.
    They have to go as quickly as possible so that you can heal up. Under crucial information read,
    print out what has to be done for you.
    You many phone me 604.572.8486. I live in Canada, on the west coast. You may email me your phone number.
    You must act quickly. Sincerely Adella Matthew

  37. Hollie says:

    I have my surgery scheduled for the beginning of January for implants. I starting digging online to find statistics to prove to my parents that I did my research and the implants and doctor I chose were safe. I’m scheduled to have the gummy implant. I thank you for all of your advice and I thank all of you ladies for your stories. It’s easier said than done to accept your body for what it is, Adella, any knowledge that you have learned over the years to naturally grow your breasts would be appreciated since you are in the boobie business:). I am no longer going to go through with my surgery and Thank you again for this website for awareness!

  38. Adella says:

    Dearest Hollie!! I am so thrilled to here that you have decided NOT to go through with your surgery, this is a VERY wise decision for you. Those gummy implants are very toxic! I am so gratefully to see that my help on this website is actually preventing women from possibly making a VERY terrible decision to get breast implants of any kind. I will be forwarding this email directly to Adella you can also reach her at her private email at with a warm heart, Catrina

  39. Andrea castillo says:

    Hi, my name is andrea i am 24 years old, I have cohesive gel implants 6 months ago I started having a weird reaction, my body swells up, my arms my legs and now a month ago my left breast is hard and bigger that the other! I’ve had all testing dome!! Checked for liver, kidneys, blood, parasite infections, took culture, urine culture, MRIx ultra sounds x Ray, hearth and all that comes out super high are my immunoglobulins specially igE at a 1000 and igM at 500!! I went to see a doctor yesterday and he suggested that my implants might me doing this to me!! I have to say I’ve had these implants only for 2 years! And before that I had silicone implants for 4 years! Am I reacting to this cohesive gel?? I see no other explanation! Im Going crazy! I tought I was crazy! And it’s clearly not allergies that is doing this to me!

  40. Mo says:

    I am scheduled for gummy bear implants in 3 weeks. I was concerned about the health risks – which the literature from the Drs office downplays – and after doing research online all day and then coming across your site, I am cancelling my surgery. It’s not worth the risk. I shouldn’t need big boobs to feel good about myself anyway. Thank you and all the women that shared their stories.

  41. Lola says:

    I had cohesive gel implants placed under the muscle last January. Six weeks after surgery my hair started falling out profusely and it hasn’t stopped, I’d say I’ve lost about half my hair. Around July last year I started to get rashes all over my cheeks and neck, I feel stress/alcohol/certain foods make it worse and my skin is just ridiculously reactive. I feel it must be an immune response to the implants so I am considering explant as I just want my life back and to be happy again. I totally regret having the surgery, my breasts do look fine but are extremely hard and unnatural feeling. Can anyone advise what to expect from explant surgery/recovery/result, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

  42. DEBORAH HARPER says:

    Since my PS retired and I have misplaced (lost to storage wars, etc.) the info re my implants of 30 yes 30 years ago.
    I have never had them re-done, unfortunately not being told by Dr. Steven Zax of Beverly Hills, CA, that I needed to do so.
    I have found Susan Kolb of Atlanta, GA to do a 501 3C en blanc explant.
    How can I find out what kind of implant I have ?
    Dr Zax imported them from Canada in 1984-5, as I recall they were quite pricey
    I have not been able to walk upright in 15 years, believing my prior plant nursery work caused this condition. Now besides soreness of the breasts and hardening of same area, I have hand numbness in am and also loss of balance associated with mind fog.
    What do you suggest I do to find out name and cc’s of implants as PS has retired.

  43. Adella says:

    Hello, Thank you for contacting me. These implants that you now have are the most toxic kind in ‘all history’
    Your immune is being totally destroyed. Hair falling out, rash, skin all bad. Have them out ASAP.
    If you do not have them taken out by the en-bloc you can expect to be this way forever.
    Spillage will happen if they are not done this way, then you will be very ill for life.
    If you are explanted this way, then some measure of healing will take place, depending on your age.
    Where do you live, I will send you the name of a doctor in your area that you can trust.
    Most are in the business for the quick money and do a lazy job.
    Did you sign a waver? Did you have other implants before these.?
    I would be happy to talk to you. I live in Canada, province of British Columbia.
    Our phone 604.572.8486 I have been doing this work for 30 years now. Adella Matthew
    My personal email, I look at 4 times a day.

  44. Adella says:

    Hello, Thank you for contacting me. I can easily help you. No matter of the history this Doctor identifies all makes of implants.
    You can reach him personally by his email his name is Dr. Pierre Blais, his documentation is on our web site.
    He lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Contact him, he will tell you how to send them. For explantation it is not required that they be identified.
    You may phone me at home, I live in British Columbia Canada 604.572.8486. Adella Matthew

  45. Camilla says:

    Thankfully, not all plastic surgeons are greedy monsters: some months ago, after almost 10 years of breastfeeding and a divorce, I contemplated having a breast augmentation. I was in contact with a top surgeon in Prague, and the leading plastic surgeon in Denmark. I shared my concerns with both of them, and told them about a very bad reaction I had to an IUD (pain all over my body that left me chained to the bed until it was removed again). The surgeon in Prague told me, I could not tolerate foreign objects, and declined to perform the breast augmentation on me. The surgeon in Copenhagen was willin to go ahead with the surgery, but also told me, that the implants are foreign objects that my body will try to push away from day one, and that I should be operated again within 8 years ideally. Apart from that, he told me, that despite having very small breasts, I had a nice chest. That comment really lifted my self-esteem.

    I decided not to have the implants, despite being very flat chested and feeling very self-conscious about it, in this world of so many plastic enhanced women. But my health just has to come first. To be honest, the thought of having the operation sometimes creep back, and when that happens, I begin to read all the stories of women who are honest and conscious of their implants experiences, that have been far from positive. And I forget all about it.

    I want to thank all the woman out there, like Adella and the women of this forum, who are sharing their stories and who dedicate their time to informing woman about the dangers of implants. Thank you!!! 🙂

    Warm regards,

  46. Adella says:

    Dearest Camilla, I want to thank you very much for contacting us. I appreciate more than words can tell, your wonderful courage. You are the most courageous woman I have emailed in a long time. Your courage to go against the flow of society is outstanding. I treasure you Camilla and I think your words will help make other women make the same decision you have. No persons body will accept a foreign implant, the body simply doesn’t want it…the body is constantly fighting the foreign objects to have them out – no matter what they are. (IUD, Hip and knee implant ect). Our body may require the hip and knee implants but the body will still continuously fight the implant because it is a foreign object and is not suppose to be in our body.
    Thank you for sharing your personal story with us, we gratefully appreciate it. With affection, Adella

  47. Patricia says:

    Hi¡ i will have my operation to get mentor implanted on the 18 march and i have been reading your website for years, i have even read the book ” the thruth about breast implants”. Both my sisters have been implanted and most of my friends have as well. So even if i am totally scarred about the operation, i have had to get the appointment to get implanted cause i hate my body. However here i am again reading your website again thinking “how stupid i am to even think about going throug with the operation”. My sister has had thr saline for 17 years and she seems to be ok, i have read about the chance of infection because of the valves. However, i suppose they are better yeah? And the change of infection if they dont have valves would be less? Would u help please? I have two girls and i dont really want them to have an ill mummy because of a stupid decission.

  48. Melissa says:

    I had saline implants for 9 years experienced extreme fatigue and had mild capsular contractor had them removed and replaced with cohesive gel and 6 months later very sick. Can no longer eat gluten or dairy sugar or alcohol. Have to eat organic as now i am highly sensitive to foods and chemicals. Dry itchy skin. Lots of digestive issues. Sore achy muscles extreme fatigue. Trouble gripping things. Brain fog and night sweats. I want an explant /enbloc but just can not afford it. I am self employed do not have sick pay etc.
    I have a son with Autism and am so exhausted I can barely function and It is starting to affect my work as well.

  49. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for all this information. I have recently began researching about possibly having a breast implant so that I could look nicer for my man. It’s so important to read about the awful illness and pain that some of these ladies are suffering. I feel so sad and thankful that now I can make a more informed decision that this is a really bad idea and my health is more important than anything. Thank you so much and bless you all, beautiful women.

  50. Adella says:

    You are so welcome!!! And god bless you as well. Yes, your health is #1, we need to love ourselves from the inside out. Breast implants, will make us sick eventually and there is no turning back. In an FDA book I have, silicone is to be explanted
    BEFORE the 8th year. Saline sooner because they get full of slime, mold,
    fungus and look like a dirty fish tank. Thank you for researching this first! you should be proud! Blessings from the Implant Awarenss Society.

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