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The Implant Awareness Society is a not-for-profit registered society. Our goals are to help the general public gain knowledge and make an informed decision about breast, buttock, hip, calf, pectoral, bicep, tricep, deltoid, and jaw implants.

The following list outlines some of the tasks students will be asked to perform:

  • Help organize speaking engagements to be held within the community or at the school.
  • Create posters on a computer to advertise information sessions.
  • Place posters in the community
  • Text fellow students and post on Facebook about information sessions.
  • Greet attendees and man the sign-up table at the information sessions.
  • Man the microphones so anyone wishing to ask a question will have the opportunity.
  • Take pictures/video of the audience and speaker during the presentation.
  • Create video of presentation and upload it to U-tube.

2 Responses to Volunteer

  1. Lori Donovan says:

    Is this still a working site? What is the status of this group? The archived item is 2011.
    I am interested in participating to get the word out about this medically ignored issue.
    Thank you,

  2. Adella says:

    Yes this is still a working site. I get calls from women who need help, almost daily.

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