Informational YouTube Videos

Watch all 3 videos with President Adella Matthew and Leanna Paul.

(Go to video below and Click on the blue box¬† “WATCH ON YOUTUBE”)

Part 1 – Interview with Adella Matthew and Leanna Paul

Part 2 – Adella Matthew and Leanna Paul

Part 3 – Adella Matthew and Leanna Paul

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  1. Desi says:

    You have to wonder why there are so many health issues with women that have implants. Yet, doctors seem to think that, by having foreign objects in our system, it is perfectly okay. Maybe, just maybe, these things could be the reason for the health problems. I got caught up in the great looking feminine breast. I absolutely loved them. They looked gorgeous. The thing is, I got sick! When you don’t have your health, you have nothing. You can’t fill your dreams. Life and life’s goals draw to a halt. Day to day activities are a struggle. I’ve been told I have early menopause, chronic fatigue syndrome, an overactive immune system, IBS, etc, etc. The doctors continue to say that there is no real research to say saline or silicone causes problems when put in our bodies. Only a year after the implants my health began to deteriorate . . . quickly: Constant rash on my chest, liver overload, weakened kidney’s, achy muscles, swollen lymph nodes, elephant neck, neck problems (stiffness, pain), hard to swallow, memory loss, confusion, and the list goes on. Most the problems reside from the chest up to the chin. We should really ask the questions, “Why do we have millions on pharmaceuticals with unresolved health issues. Is their a link between that and the booming breast augmented society.” Nonetheless, who is really going to question the cosmetic industry when it is a billion dollar industry. In the end, vanity precedes health doesn’t it. You can see this in our society today. It’s sad but it’s true. I got caught up in it myself. Now I am doing something about it. Thanks for raising awareness Adella on this issue.

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