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The Implant Awareness Society was registered as a society in Victoria in 1994 December 14, and registered as a charity in Ottawa in 1996 February 6. Driven with the desire and compassion to help her fellow ‘Implantees’, Adella Matthew founded the I.A.S. To this day she continues to answer requests for help through the implantawareness.com website and the red book on-line. She has had numerous successes in assisting women and men to find the right doctors and giving the emotional support they need. The I.A.S. operates solely by volunteers in the community to educate youth and adults about the untold side effects of implants.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to report to anyone interested in implants the information given to the society from doctors and scientists to allow them to make an informed decision.

My Story

Richard and Adella Matthew

Richard and Adella Matthew

A personal account of my life with extreme illness caused by breast implants, 1972 to 1995.

I was implanted in 1972, in Calgary, Alberta, with Dow Corning breast implants, 500 Series, 540 Sub-Series. I was explanted 21 years later in Vancouver, B.C. I was not told of possible complications. If I had known that the MAXIMUM life expectancy of implants was eight years, I would never have had them put into my body.

On explantation, my implants were checked by Dr. Pierre Blais, of Ottawa Canada, a biochemist and specialist in medical product design and failure analysis. He is a world expert on breast implants. He determined that the fill holes were never properly sealed. There was so much wear that many holes were found in both implants.

Prior to explantation, on November 2 1993, I had blood analysis done at the Immunosciences Lab., Inc., 1801 S. La Cienega Blvd., Suite 302, Los Angeles, CA, 90035. Canada does not have a lab that can do blood analysis on silicone. My expenses totaled $650.00 U.S. (the difference in the CDN dollar to the U.S. dollar was 30%, at that time) paid for by myself. The Lab took $100.00 off for me as a birthday gift.

The blood work reads like a nightmare. IgG silicone antibody reading of 100, yet the lab allows only a reading of 10, for IV tubes, antacid compounds, prescriptions, etc.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand from this blood report that I am suffering from the ill effects of silicone. Yet I was constantly told that silicone is inert, that absolutely nothing was wrong, that every weird and wonderful test had been done, and that I should do more work in my vocation selling Real Estate.

I had constant pressure in my head caused from pain that made it impossible to think properly. My brain was so full of silicone toxins that I was getting lost while driving, even in my own neighborhood six blocks from home.

I was working as a realtor, driving past houses I was showing and always late for appointments, no matter how hard I tried. It was extremely frustrating, and embarrassing for me, as I always had placed in the top of my class, even in college.

I had constant pain in my stomach, always a slow burn that never stopped. No food agreed with me. My stone-impacted gall bladder was removed in 1975. It made no difference.

Both hands became crippled with arthritis after the age of 58, not before. I could not hold the steering wheel of the car firmly enough. On turning a corner, I would be over the center line, on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic.

Every doctor that I consulted did not really hear me or believe me and never suggested I get the implants out. They assured me, after 2 mammograms and an ultrasound, that they were 100%, “YOU ARE ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES”. What an empty statement.

My energy fell to almost zero. I was bedridden for almost the entire day.

A friend of mine for over 40 years, who had a health centre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, attended a class of Wendell Hoffmann’s. She was elated, for here was energy healing to help me overcome whatever disease I had or was coming down with. She gave me a great deal of product at her own expense. Soon, I was able to be out of bed three-quarters of the day.

I was so toxic, full of lifestyle poison and the silicone. Now, 20 years later, an open-minded doctor will confess: yes, silicone is inert in the lab petri dish but not in the human body.

I could not walk to the bathroom during the night without crashing into furniture. The walk is 12 feet long and 37 inches wide. The pain was so severe when I stood up, for at least the last seven years, and my legs retained so much water, that I would sway back and forth, bumping into furniture on the way there. Many times I even fell into the wall or back onto the bed.

My feet hurt so much, waking me up at night with pain as if I was walking on thorns. Other times, I would swear I was walking on fresh crushed gravel barefoot. My bones used to hurt so much and I had bruises on my legs that were four years old.

My husband and I had dinner in the city centre at Christmas, 1992, before ex-plantation. When I got up to go to the restroom I almost lost my balance. As I was trying to regain my balance, two waiters came to help me. I know they thought I was drunk, and I had not had

anything to drink. This and other reasons soon keep silicone victims housebound. It is embarrassing to say the least.

It is now 2010, and my feet and legs still trouble me very much but there has been some improvement. Getting breast implants, to help me fit into “off-the-rack” clothing was truly not worth it, as I managed very well beforehand. I was never told the truth by any GP (general practitioner). I realize now that all doctors are in denial. The GP makes finders fees from the plastic surgeon for referrals and also makes money on the extra office visits you make. The Plastic Surgeon sees you for more implants, as they do not last more than eight years. You are on this treadmill that keeps going, and you become a victim in a trail of tears.

My sole reason and purpose for this testimony today is in the hope that I can spare other women from the pain I must endure daily because I went against nature, trusting doctors that breast implants are ‘safe’ just to look better in a dress. Getting breast implants was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. Trying to improve on my wonderful body, which was really perfect, was a horrific insult. I will suffer for the rest of my life and I can only warn women now. I have many articles on my website. Print out whatever you choose. It is all verified and the complete truth. (Small breasts are not a disease as the plastic surgeons want women to believe.)

Adella Matthew

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6 Responses to About Us

  1. John Baptist Situma Wotsuna says:

    Just landed on the info. I have yet to read and internalise for a better comment.

    Otherwise, it looks like you are doing wonderful work for the disadvantaged and poor,

  2. Adella says:

    Please do contact us, if you still require our help, blessings Adella.

  3. Juanita Galvez says:

    Hello,I had my saline implants put in 2005. For a while now I’ve noticed pain in my left breast,pain on both sides of my neck,more so on the right. My spine burns,visual changes along with dry eye. I’ve been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and my right hand,the joints are swollen and painful. I have also noticed muscle pain and most of the time I feel extremely tired,with no energy. I would like to be explanted ASAP, but don’t know who to call or where to go? I live in California,county of Ventura. I would like to go to a doctor that will explant en-bloc way,can you please direct me? I’m so scared right now.

  4. Bijou Green says:

    I got co-hesive gel impants in 2004. 9 years ago, I went to the ER in Tennessee with red, extremely swollen hands. The pain was excruciating. The Doctor said he didnt see any fluid on the X-Rays and wasn’t completely confident in diagnosing the bizarre swelling. I was sent home with a prescription for percocete and no answers.
    The swelling in my hands still comes and goes, but I had no idea what horror and pain was yet to come.
    I have been diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis, Lupus, thyroid disfunction, depression, chronic fatigue and debilitating pain, A.D.D., & seizures. My hair began falling out two years ago. I have lost most of the collagen in my face. My shoulders, elbows knees, feet and neck are in constant pain. I have tonsil stones, receding gums,chronic dry eyes, a constant burning in my chest, my lymphnodes in my neckn head armpits and groin are swollen and extremely painful. I too have a constant struggle to be on time. I have tremendous difficulty focusing and can’t remember what I was doing earlier in the day…much less yesterday. I have extreme dehydration, though I drink a gallon of water throughout each day. I had to quit my job because I never know when I go to bed if I will be able to walk when I wake up. I have blood tests every three months due to medications I am taking …and never once has any of Doctors mentioned silicone poisoning. I heard about a woman suffering from sillicone poisoning on tv and started researching about 4 months ago. I had an MRI of my breasts and was told they are leaking. I could not use the dye for my MRI because of Lupus diagnosis. When I flex my chest, there are clear indentations on the bottoms of both breasts and
    gelatinous ‘puddles’ or ‘pools’ of stoft liquid Im certain is the “completely safe” cohesive silicone my “long lasting” implants were filled with before they ruptured. I am now waiting for a battery of blood test results my primary care physician ordered from suggestions on another site I found for
    leaky implant syndrome’. I don’t know where to go and who to trust. I am sickened by the thought that this poison is currently flowing through my brainand body …and so deeply ashamed that I ultimately did this to myself. I wonder if my insurance is going to cover any of the en-bloc removal and have no idea who to go to for the procedure. I do know, however, that I am going to fight to get healthy and then I am going to do everything inmy power to help make sure every Doctor not onlys and recognizes sillicone poisoning, but by law, must fully disclose the extreme, life threating, crippling dangers of all synthetic implants. Please contact me and help me find the right Doctor to remove these toxic bags that have destroyed my life.

  5. Adella says:

    Hi Juanita,

    I am just going back to some older posts to make sure you had an answer. Please know we are praying for you. I have attached a list of Surgeons for you in California. Please have the discussion with them about ensuring you are explanted VIA en bloc. This is essential. They must remove the capsule as it is also very toxic as well. Feedback is more than welcome!

    Warm regards, Adella and Catrina
    ?Dr. Rex Moulton-Barrett: 2070 Clinton Ave,
    Alameda, CA., 94501

    ?Dr. Thomas Kennedy: P/S, 1050 B. Ave., Suite A
    Coronado, CA., 92118 Tel: (619) 437-4449

    ?Dr. H. Jae Chun: P/S, 1101 Bayside Drive, Suite #100
    Corona Del Mar, CA., 92625 Tel: (949) 644-5000

    ?Dr. Ron Edelson: 9339 Genesee Ave., Ste. #39
    La Jolla, CA.

    ?Dr. Carol Hollan: 9850 Genesee Avenue #300
    La Jolla, CA., 92037

    ?Dr. Marc H. Hedrick: UCLA School of Medicine,
    200 Medical Plaza
    Los Angeles, CA., 90065

    ?Dr. Jaco Festekjian and ?Dr. James Watson:
    Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery Tel: appt.: (310) 825-5510
    200 UCLA Medical Plaza, Suite #465 Tel: office: (310) 206-7520
    Los Angeles, CA., 90095 http://www.uclaplasticsurgery.com

    ?Dr. H. Jae Chun: P/S, 400 Newport Center Dr. #707
    New Port Beach, CA., 92660 Tel: (949) 644-5000

    ?Dr. Hisham Seify:
    New Port Beach, CA. Tel: (949) 251-1502

    ?Dr. Kaming LI: Arrowhead Aesthetic & P/S Assoc. Tel: (909) 481-7500
    3333 Concourse Street, Building #3 Fax: (909) 481-1857
    Ontario, CA., 91764 http://www.arrowheadaesthetics.com
    e-mail: info@arrowheadaesthetics.com
    ?Dr. Marek K. Dobke: UCSD Medical Center
    4510 Executive Dr., #103
    San Diego, CA., 92121

    ?Dr. Gilbert Lee: P/S, 11515 El Camino Real, Suite #150 Tel: (858) 720-1440
    San Diego, CA., 92130 Fax: (858) 509-7738

    ?Dr. Tom Pousti: 8851 Center Dr., La Mesa,
    San Diego, CA., 91942

    ?Dr. Bernard S. Alpert: P/S, 45 Castro St. , Suite #150
    San Francisco, CA., 94114 Tel: (415) 626-6644

  6. Anonymous says:

    Incredible points. Great arguments. Keep up the amazing work.

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