What Implant User Need to Know

What implant users need to know 2014

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  1. Adella says:

    Further information on implant issues below:

    Dear Andrea, We here at the Implant Awareness Society are glad that you
    have contacted Adella. Your story of life with
    breast implants is tragic and you are so young. Wanting to look great with
    breast implants can cost us our life. I can see how
    you kept going on with them, regardless of the pain you have been in. Yes
    severe pain, debilitating brain fog and headaches.
    Four sets of implants, all saline, having ruptures. Now implanted with the
    cohesive gel, supposed to be the best, when in fact they are the MOST
    Cohesive gel, liquefies in the body, always, because body fluids seep in and
    out with the movement of your arms. The TOXIC fluid and causes a nightmare
    of injury.
    Some women paralyze from this. No doctor tells you this can happen, and
    often as well.
    I know, because they contact me. Saline are delicate, and rupture in 3 or 4
    years. If you get 5 or 6 years out of a set, that is their life span. If a
    doctor told you this you would not get them,
    so you are not told. In an FDA book I have, silicone is to be explanted
    BEFORE the 8th year. Saline sooner because they get full of slime, mold,
    fungus and look like a dirty fish tank.
    On the u-tube on my web you can see the volumes of books I have on this
    documentation. I do wish Andrea the truth could be different, it is in fact
    ‘a trail of tears’ The symptoms are posted along with all of the diseases.
    This information is from Dr. Lewy and Professor Carol Hebert
    You need to be explanted ASAP by the en-bloc surgery. All of the old
    capsules from the three saline’s, if left in, go on contaminating you daily.
    Do not be re-implanted. Let me know where in California you live. I will
    help you find the right doctor. Please feel free to contact me again. Our
    phone is 604-572-8496. We are on the same time zone.

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