Mission Statement for Implant Awareness Society (I.A.S.)

Educational: To educate the general public, using information and scientific facts, to help them better understand how the body reacts to saline and silicone implants.

Charitable: To give emotional support and guidance that will help implant patients and their families cope with the complications caused by all indwelling implants. Through our far-reaching network, we are often able to recommend specific doctors and health-care workers who have experience working with patients that have unique health challenges due to their implants.

The society has received many emails of thanks from women and men who have been given support throughout their trials and mishaps due to silicone implants.  Some women that were confined to wheelchairs regained their health due to the support and doctor referrals given to them by the I.A.S.

A small body of determined spirits,
fired by an unquenchable faith,
can alter the course of human history.

–Mahatma Gandhi


Please feel free to contact us for help, assistance, references or more information.

Phone: 604-572-8486
E-mail: implantas@shaw.ca


Please take time to explore the various sections of our website:

About Us:  Our history, who we are, why we exist.

Research:  Research is showing that the health risks associated with Breast Implants in a growing area of concern.

Dear DR: A letter to primary health care Doctors regarding the health risks associated with Breast Implants. This outlines the various symptoms and health impacts of Breast Implants.

Testimonials: Personal testimonials and letters of concern from Doctors who DARE to speak out.

DOW:  Trial Exhibit Abstracts from law suits against Dow Corning, the world’s  largest supplier of Breast Implant devices.

News:  News and information about Breast Implants.

One Response to Mission Statement for Implant Awareness Society (I.A.S.)

  1. Shelley Silber says:

    I had Silicone Breast Implants from 2003-2012. I had them removed after becoming very ill. I am a Registered Nurse and my husband is a Physician. We were never given an appropriate informed consent. How these Plastic surgeons get away with denying that implants make women sick is a crime. I have had them removed and am still sick as a result of them leaking.

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